Hayseed” is a 16 lb classic tabby.  He joined our critters here on the farm in 2011.  Our cat “Gray” (who passed away that fall) was getting old and we had decided to look for a barn cat.  We mentioned that to our farrier, Dewey Campbell, who told us about an abandoned cat that needed a home.  It seems the farm where he lived had gone broke and he had been abandoned at the farm....left with a torn open bag of cat food.  After some discussion, we loaned Dewey our cat cage and he delivered Hayseed a few days later...not a happy cat....he was so  big he could not turn around in the cat cage!  We didn’t know what to expect when we turned him out.  He sauntered out of the cage, explored the barn, climbed all the trees close by, investigated the horses, accepted the offer of food, hissed at Maggie, and pronounced to all that he was  “home”!  After a week or so, he and Maggie called a truce and harmony returned.  Turns out he is not much of a mouser.  After Gray passed away he started coming up to the house.   Gray had told him in no uncertain terms, resulting in a Vet visit, that he was NOT allowed up on the deck or near the house.  It seems he MUCH prefers being a house cat, although his approach to that leaves much to be desired. Even if you provide him with a litter box, he wakes us up at 3:00 AM wanting out AFTER using the litter box. Therfore, he is allowed in the house, but sleeps in a small dog house in the barn hayloft.  He shows up morning about 6:00AM, claims a recliner and sleeps till noon.  He returns again about dark and stays until bedtime.  DEMANDS his lap time and petting when he come in and yowls until somebody accomodates him.