Mahada Magic - AHA 496687
Magic was foaled on 9/13/1996.  He half Polish and half Egyption and was bred by Mahada Farms in Chickamauga, Georgia.  He has 980 miles in Endurance Competition and earned a Southeast Region 5th Place Lightweight award from the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) in 2004.  That same year he earned a Top Ten award from the Southeastern Endurance Riders Association. (SERA)   He has completed both the Old Dominion 50 and the Leatherwood Extreme Challenge 50...the toughest rides in the Southeast. Magic has traveled many miles maintaining trails.  He hobbles and ties quietly and pretty much ignores trees falling around him, chainsaws, and will bushwhack through just about anything.  He becomes a gentle dog around our little Horse Girls and is usually their favorite for pony rides.  He does a wide range of tricks, such as saying “Yes and No”, giving kisses, picking up my hat, and taking a bow.