Sun of Dimanche+ - AHA 496687
Sun of Dimanche+ was foaled on 3/26/1993 and is an Arabian Horse Association (AHA) registered gelding.  He holds a Legion of Honor for his accomplishments in Endurance, where he has 1050 miles in 50 and 75 mile rides. About half of them were the Top Ten. His breeding is French Arabian racing, and goes back to Samtyr, one of the greatest Arabian race horses.  This bloodline is known for their speed and gentle disposition.  Dimanche is French for Sunday, so his name translates to Sun of Sunday.  Sunny is just under 15 hands, compact and heavily muscled, with an incredible extended trot, and is race horse fast at a gallop. He has logged many hours as a trail horse on trail clearing workdays and is a Mounted Search and Rescue Horse for Fannin County Fire.  His gentle disposition makes him an ideal horse for small kids and pony rides are his specialty.  He has also provided Horse Merit Belt Loops for Cub Scouts, and carried the American Flag in parades.  He has always tried his best to do everything asked of him.  I am honored to be his partner.