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Wiefear - AHA 0573802
Wiefear is a 12 year registered Arabian Gelding.  “Wiedy” was a reclamation project.  He belonged to a fellow Endurance rider and some inappropriate training resulted in a fearful horse and a fearful rider.  Feeling sorry for both of them and realizing that in the wrong hands somone could easily get hurt and Wiedy might in up in a kill truck, I bought him. Wiedy had lost his trust in people.  He would tremble when you got near him, was fearful of objects, and having people behind him.  It took three years to gently teach him to trust again and a few more to get him back under saddle.  Some of the training techniques are in the training videos.  He is now the most “in your pocket” horse on the farm.  He’s always the first to come over, usually at a trot, is a “treat-a-holic”, does several tricks and enjoys being touched and brushed.  Ocasionally he does have a relapse when something apparently triggers an old memory (horses never forget ANYTHING) but his reponse now is more reflexive and usually mild. My  neighbor, Linda Pringle, who was riding either Sunny or Magic, watched all the training with interest.  A “horse of her own” was one of her goals.  I offered to give him to her if you could take him for a two hour trail ride alone up behind the house.  On October 8th, 2008 I sold him to her for $1.00.  He knows the sound of her car and waits at the fence for her.  Wiedy still lives here and we still consider him part of the family.